Announced in June 2022, the Mononoke movie was supposed to pick up a rather unique IP this year, but now who knows when that will happen?

The anime of “Mononoke” is one of the most curious that has ever been created in the anime industry. It is not only to enter a realm of fantasy horror that very few works have explored to date, but to do so through an artistic section that made anime very easy to distinguish from the first moment After 15 years from the premiere, in the last 2022 it was announced that the anime would return to the fray with a movie… which is currently experiencing a delay that promises to be severe.

Everything We Know About The Delayed Animated Mononoke Movie

Then I leave you with all that has been shared on the new anime movie of “Mononoke”and that seems like a really big deal here (via ANN):

  • To begin with, it must be said that when the announcement of the postponement of the animated film Mononoké, No new release date has been given.. I mean, at the moment, the delay is purely indefinite.
  • Another important announcement that was made with the delay is that Takahiro Sakura will NOT play the drug salesman. Indeed, despite the fact that the actor played the role in the original anime and in fact it was announced that he would be doing the same in the movie, that will no longer be the case.
New voice for the same rostor, confirms Twin Engine
  • What is the reason for this decision? Well, from the Twin Engine team, they made it clear that it was due to the Wedding scandal in which Takahiro Sakurai starred a few months ago.
  • Specifically, from Twin Engine, they sent the following official message: “The anime film Mononoke is set in Ooku (historically the women’s quarter of Edo Castle) and attempts to depict the suffering and healing of women. Taking this into account, we decided to change the actor of the medicine seller“.
  • In the end, Twin Engine was able to confirm that The release date and the new person in charge of voicing the protagonist will be revealed during this summer..

The truth is that this is not the first role that Takahiro Sakurai has lost in recent months following the aforementioned scandal a few months ago, but in the case of “Mononoke” it seems to be one of the most logical . At the end, if the story is related to the historical difficulties of Japan that women had to overcome, it almost seems like a mockery to have a voice actor who for years precisely makes fun of women. Now we just have to be patient to see how they solve all this from Twin Engine.

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