A 56-year-old Ridgewood, New Jersey mother who had been missing since Monday was found dead in another town. No criminal activity suspected

Deanne Dunne, a 56-year-old Ridgewood, New Jersey woman who had been missing since Monday, was found dead the next day.

According to a Facebook post from local police, Dunne’s body was discovered in Hawthorne, where they are now investigating her death with the help of the Passaic County District Attorney’s Office.

“Unfortunately, Ridgewood resident Deanne Dunne was found dead in Hawthorne Township,” Ridgewood Police Chief Jacqueline Luthcke announced shortly before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Aunque no se indicó la causa ni tiempo del deceso, no se sospecha de actividad criminal, según la policía de Ridgewood, condado Bergen, que horas antes estaba pidiendo la ayuda del público para encontrar a Dunne durante su desaparición, informó el portal NorthJersey.com.

Dunne was married with two children. She was last seen leaving her home around 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 28, in her gray Honda Odyssey, police said. She had apparently gone out shopping and left her cell phone behind, Daily Voice detailed .

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