TAMPA, Fla. — A Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office officer welcomed a baby girl to her parents’ home Sunday in an unusual and high-risk location: Interstate 60 in Plant City.

Authorities said on April 30, 2023, a driver who was having a panic attack approached Officer Daniel “Red” Jones and told him his pregnant wife was in labor.

At this point, Constable Jones immediately called the Hillsborough County Fire Department to come to the scene and provide assistance.

However, Jones, without hesitation, sprung into action to help the mother deliver on the side of the road. In the process, he provided encouragement, emotional support and used his training to ensure a safe delivery.

Fortunately, authorities announced that as a result of Officer Jones’ swift actions, a healthy, beautiful baby girl was born in the front seat of a vehicle, although this was not the original birth plan for the parents.

Hillsborough Fire and Rescue then transported the mother and baby to a local hospital for assessment and medical treatment. For his part, Sheriff Chad Chronister said it was the third time that Constable Jones had helped a citizen give birth.

Before the officer said goodbye to the family, he wished them joy and happiness, and also recommended that they name the newborn “Red”.

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