The gaming world is full of examples of broken promises.. Today, we all remember the releases of Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 76, and No Man’s Sky as utter disasters due to the failure to live up to the expectations their creators generated. Being too ambitious is quite common in this industryThat’s why there’s so much disbelief with what you want to propose Everywhere.

Few years ago Leslie Benziesformer head of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, left Rockstar to found Build a rocket boy, a company that would be responsible for carrying out one of the most complex projects I have ever seen. After much rumor and speculation, at Gamescom 2022, the Everywhere first traileran open-world sandbox game that could practically be called “platform where everything is possible”, even play AAA video games inside.

MindsEye, the big surprise of Build A Rocket Boy

  • This afternoon it was announced that in addition to Everywhere, Build A Rocket Boy is working on another AAA video game called MindsEye
  • This title of action and adventure with realistic graphics will present a history of science fiction set in a world of futuristic corporations, conspiracy theories and sinister new technologies
  • But the most surprising thing about this work is that playable INSIDE Anywhere
  • For now both titles are announced for PC onlybut later they will come “on other systems”
  • And although we know that Everywhere will arrive in 2023we don’t know if MindsEye will be released at the same time or later

So what is Everywhere?

The game’s creators define it as “a new platform that offers a world of endless possibilities, where you can choose and chart your own path. Compete, build and explore the vast open world of EVERYWHEREand immerse yourself in new worlds and new experiences”.

And as for MindsEye, well It could practically be defined as “playing GTA in Fortnite”.

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