Miguel Bosé visited the set of the anthill of Antena 3 to be presented with the actor José Pastor bose, the new SkyShowtime series that will tell the life of the popular and controversial singer and, between a personal question and a professional question, Pablo Motos dropped a real bombshell that left the audience on set speechless.

“There’s no soft way to say this… You raised a girlfriend for Julio Iglesias, which is like giving a blowjob to Messi…” Motos said, giving rise to Bosé him -even who revealed more details about the romance that the Spanish singer living in the United States had with what had been one of the couples of his professional partner and Spanish leader par excellence.

“Let’s see, Julio said to me, ‘Come back to Miami to eat. And when I arrive, he stays with me for a minute and quickly says to me, ‘I have to go to the studio to see some things,'” Bosé began. say to explain the story.

For as long as he can remember, it all happened around the pool Julio Iglesias had at his Miami mansion. Bosé stood there, waiting for the author of I forgot to live there I’m a valet, I’m a lord He was coming back from making his musical arrangements when suddenly a beautiful young woman appeared from the opposite corner of the garden who, without saying a word to him, jumped into the swimming pool.

“When he left, he said to me ‘Hello, who are you? And I said: ‘I am Miguel, and you?'”, explained Bosé, specifying that the young woman who surprised him in the garden of Julio Iglesias was Giannina Facio, the woman who monopolized the covers of gossip magazines at the time because, in the words of Miguel Bosé himself, “Her husband had raised Caroline of Monaco”.

“We looked at each other and something very strong happened there,” Bosé said, later explaining that from the moment he saw this Costa Rican actress, he connected with her. As long as, On the same day, they left Julio Iglesias’ mansion together. and they began a relationship that lasted, nothing more and nothing less, four years and which gave birth, among other things, to the song Nena, a song that first saw the light of day in 1986 in the frame of his album Salamander and that Bosé dedicated to the interpreter who is now 67 years old.

“Me, politically correct, I never went there. And I was not going to be at Julio Iglesias either…”, joked Bosé on this subject with Pablo Motos to settle the question of his affair with an actress from San José, Costa Rica, who Since 2015 she is married to the famous British filmmaker and producer Ridley Scott.

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