So much information comes out almost every day about the purchase ActivisionBlizzard from Microsoft that I normally try to talk about it only when something really relevant happens in the acquisition process. I say this because I think it is not necessary to repeat almost every day that PlayStation opposes the purchase or that such director of this other company has given his opinion so that he automatically falls into the abyss of things that are not relevant by not directly influencing this matter. But what influences is another country approves the purchase and give him his approval, as is the case with what I want to talk about here.

It looks like Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard is moving forward

  • I have to remember that there are still entities blocking Microsoft’s move to investigate it for the purpose of drawing conclusions as to whether it will negatively affect the market
  • However, there are other entities that have made the process is progressing elsewhere
  • The fact is that another country has approved the purchase
  • The latter corresponds to South Africasaying they don’t see any negative impact on the market resulting from the acquisition
  • One of the reasons South Africa came out in favor is because Microsoft wants keep releasing Call of Duty games on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch for years to come

What could be the next big buying step?

As portal companions collected VGCexist two extremely important dates for the process of acquisition of Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft, which correspond to the following elements:

  • The CMA (the organization that has been blocking the purchase for months) He will deliver his verdict on April 26.
  • On the other hand, the European Commission will do the same on April 22

I will be extremely attentive during these two dates so that I can tell you how the situation is developing.

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