Microchip in vaccine pill: “Imagine the docility!” Calls Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

Microchip in vaccine pill: “Imagine the docility!” Calls Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

“It is a biological chip in the pill. As soon as you take that, it sends a signal that you have taken the tablet.” Albert Bourla told Klaus Schwab at the recent meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). “Imagine the implications of that, the docility!” The boss of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer can’t wait, it seems.

The lack of compliance is a big problem according to Bourla, the theme came up several times. “The lack of compliance/compliance ( compliance in English. In this article has been chosen to translate to compliance, ed.) of the people worries me,” he told Davos. “Fewer and fewer people are taking their third dose, even fewer their fourth, etc. If we now make a vaccine that lasts at least a year, it contributes enormously to compliance.” Schwab – who determined that they were “both targets of anti-vaccine movements and conspiracy theorists” – suggested combining such a vaccine with the flu shot to keep more people on board. His interlocutor thought that was an excellent idea.

In the right direction

Back to the microchip, which moves after the statements in a field between conspiracy theory, predictive programming and announcement. Bourla, who admitted a few months ago that he was being pressured by his subordinates to produce “counter-intuitive” mRNA injections, pretended that medical development is in the best interest of the patient. After all, he is rather nonchalant about his health and does not respect the treatment protocols. With a microchip, however, he will be steered in the right direction: “The insurance companies can know that the patients are also taking the medicines they need to take. It’s fascinating what’s happening in this area,” he added.

In addition to the inserted short video, extensive videos and articles about the incident can be found in several places. The entire conversation can be viewed via this link of the WEF. “We should not be afraid of monkey pox, but be prepared. Ultimately, science will win.” Ezra Levant of Rebel News once again reminds viewers of the absurdity of the whole situation, where ‘obscure scenarios’ are constantly being fulfilled and conspiracy theories are regularly announced openly: “If you make a video and claim that there is a microchip in your vaccine, your channel will be removed from YouTube.”

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