The ISeeChange app is a City of Miami initiative that allows you to report flood events in your area.

To use it you need to download the app on your mobile phone and after being there put the location where you are and it is so easy to use you can record a video or take a photo yourself and report the problem the rain has caused in your community.

There have already been three straight days of rain in South Florida, and in Broward and Miami-Dade counties the effects of the pooling water continue to be felt.

Ángel Morales, who delivers food to homes, says flooding in Miami neighborhoods he regularly visits has had a big impact on him. “It floods a lot, the streets are full of water, as if the sewers were a little clogged… In Biscayne, there are streets where there are holes where the water is concentrated… It’s a little complicated to walk around here.”

Another of the problem areas was also Hialeah where trailer type home communities were impacted leaving several streets completely flooded, residents say this is still happening but this time they are asking the community for help.

Yosmay Febles, a Hialeah resident affected by flooding these days, believes that “whether it’s private or not…we need to help all the people who live here.”

A situation that is repeated in the Holiday Acres district every time it rains and the concern of the neighbors this week is greater because the next few days it will continue to rain.

For his part in Miami, Mayor Francis Suárez posted information via Twitter about the city’s efforts to drain all the accumulated water.

A group met with the Florida Department of Transportation regarding flooding along Biscayne Blvd and the 395 Bridge. Temporary pump installations were also announced at Mary Brickell Village, NE 23rd Street in Edgewater and Morningside Park.

Added to this are 13 permanent bombs scattered between Brickell, Overtown, San Marco Island and the West End. Even so, the authorities have important tips to avoid ending up being affected by this rain system.

“Check your insurance policy, know what to do before and during a flood. It’s never a good idea to walk or drive through flooded areas,” warns Erika Benítez, spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade Fire Department.

Remember that if you need to report flooding on your street, you can do so through the ISeeChange app or simply by calling 311.

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