Miami Dade College (MDC) has opened a second Artificial Intelligence Center on the Wolfson Campus, located in the heart of Downtown Miami.

The modern facility will offer courses, workshops, events and activities to prepare the future workforce and hone the skills of today’s professionals in the field of artificial intelligence.

MDC also launched its Metaversity, a digital arena created by VictoryXR, featuring hyper-realistic 3D models of College grounds and buildings that will allow students, faculty, and visitors to participate in College classes, events, and tours. Campus in the Metaverse.

The facility measures nearly 5,000 square feet and will serve as the epicenter for all discipline-related activity in the city of Miami.

Its design and vision were made possible with support from the Downtown Miami Development Authority, the Knight Foundation, Miami-Dade County, and the City of Miami.

The new center has advanced computer rooms where artificial intelligence courses and programs will be taught. Additionally, it provides flexible spaces for implementing experiential learning activities and events for students and the community.

The new Metaversity will be a new interactive space within the Metaverse where students and visitors can take classes, tour facilities, access College services, and participate in events from anywhere.

Immersive and interactive experiences in the Metaverse will enhance engagement, increase collaboration, innovate teaching and learning, and expand accessibility to MDC offerings, College officials said.

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