Miami Beach is imposing limits on spring break next year.

“We don’t want crime in our city,” says Commissioner Alex Fernández.

They approved, in part, Commissioner Alex Fernández’s proposal. The debate in committee was long and with different ideas, but everyone agrees to end the chaos, armed violence and killings, as has happened since 2021, every year, during the holidays of spring.

For 2024, Miami Beach authorities have a strong message.

“We are going to have a curfew, we are going to have a restriction on the sale of alcoholic beverages.”

The recent murders on the beach, during this school break, were decisive for the commissioners to put forward a proposal by Alex Fernández.

“We cannot allow this number of people who are taking to the streets, disrespecting the law, disrespecting the police and disrespecting an innocent life to continue to return to our city.”

The project is considering a permanent curfew during spring break, restricting the sale of alcohol, but what they have not approved are the hours of operation; limit it too. Proposal of great challenge for the mayor of the city.

Dan Gelber, Alcalde of Miami Beach, dice:

“The problem is that we have almost a kilometer of public promenade, with shops on one side and the beach on the other. We need to find a way to clear the area.

The background to this proposal, Commissioner Fernández told us, is to create an uncomfortable environment for visitors who arrive with an aggressive spirit; but commissioner Steven Meiner considered something else.

“We need a secure perimeter or metal detectors to prevent the entry of illegal weapons. The Ultra does, for example, and it works.”

This year, some opinions regarding the restriction of the sale of alcohol, in liquor stores, have been criticized by visitors.

“Sooner or later, whoever can afford it, whether in a restaurant or elsewhere, will buy the alcohol for it,” says a tourist.

The economic impact was also mentioned. Earlier, Commissioner Fernández told us that he had met with businesses in Miami Beach and that they had agreed to implement these measures and communicate them in time so that businesses had a full year to prepare when this time will come.

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