Efforts to get more people vaccinated in the US has led the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce to present an initiative where those who prove to be vaccinated on the day will receive free drinks, and discounts at restaurants and service stores.

According to the local 10 press outlet, there are already several private businesses that have joined the strategy to add more people to the list of vaccinated, since there is currently an over supply of vaccines and the people who remain vaccines – mostly young people – are not taking the vaccination process with agility.

Jerry Libbin, executive director of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, said the new vaccine incentive program kicks off on Monday, May 10, and runs through Memorial Day on May 31.

Discounts and free drinks for the vaccinated in Miami Beach

Miami Beach Private Businesses Offer Free Drinks and Discounts for Those Who Get Vaccinated

Two of the vaccination centers designated for this purpose are on 17th Street and Convention Center Drive. Everyone who gets vaccinated there will receive two coupons: one for a free drink that can be redeemed once, and one for discounts at different stores and restaurants that can be redeemed at each location.

These vaccination centers administered by the city hall have a capacity for 250 daily vaccines, but since they were put into operation they have not occupied their entire daily capacity. For this reason, Mayor Dan Gelber welcomed the decision of the Chamber of Commerce to carry out the incentive program.

Getting vaccinated on the beach another strategy to advance the campaign

Another of the strategies of the Miami Beach government authorities was to put a vaccination center on the beach so that people can be vaccinated on weekends. This is how the initiative began on May 2.

“We will have another COVID vaccination center this Sunday, May 2 at 16th Street Beach (16th Street and the beach) in the sand. This location will have J&J single dose vaccines and will be open from 10am to 7pm, or while supplies last. Please share this information, ”said Miami Beach City Commissioner David Richardson.

The Miami Beach strategy seeks to attract the youngest to get vaccinated, “I’m excited to try this to see if it works, I think there will be a lot of young people,” said the City Commissioner.

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