Ana Mena is already a regular Your face is familiar to me, either as a guest or as an impersonator. It was the first time to step into the shoes of one of his best friends, Abraham Mateo — interpreting nothing more and nothing less than its success Miss—; and it was precisely he who was in charge of accompanying merchandise to sing I want to tell you.

Their collaboration, which we’ve seen before at LOS40 on our awards stages and at the recent Primavera Pop 2023, has been a hit for fans of both since its premiere in May 2022. Likewise, it’s further proof that their friendship has found the perfect excuse to get together on stage a lot more often. Although in the Atresmedia program, it was directed by Merche.

The artist from Cadiz took up the challenge of original and copy, where the collaboration between the two artists was proposed. It was quickly assumed that she would be the interpreter of A classicwhile the one who would go to the set would be the collaborator of Chanel In Clavaito. This, coupled with the network’s ongoing memes that point out the physical resemblance between Ana and Merche, has only preempted something most commented on. The program can be seen openly from April 28, but it can already be enjoyed on Atresplayer. And this revealed a small performance flaw:

The vocal similarity between the two seen in the released videos is not identical, but Ana’s pre-recorded voice was heard more than her impersonator’s. Many viewers have realized thanks to the advances to the point of reporting it on social networks, leading him to reach the candidate herself.

Merche talks about it

In this way, a small debate was generated in which many established their theories, until Merche also responded to clarify what happened. proofreading? Choirs? Much simpler: “No, the contestants don’t record the backing vocals. It’s still the original backing vocals, but this time they’re so loud they don’t let my voice be heard.” confessed the participant.

Thus, he clarified that Your face is familiar to me always bet on live music, although in this particular performance there is an error: “Nobody does backing tracks, what happens is that the choruses are terribly loud and I’m hallucinating, the truth is that I’m not cool at all”. Of course, that surely doesn’t dampen the good vibes that were seen at the first four talent galas.

It is true that it has not yet been published, but she herself spilled, responding to fans with doubts. He clarified that he doesn’t believe it will be fixed for broadcast, but he would have no problem uploading videos of the rehearsals so that curious people who want to see how he imitates Ana can do so without them. pre-recorded choirs. at this volume.

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