There generation Z it arrived by trampling and imposing its own rules. The youngest in each house are of a totally different generation from their parents and even their grandparents. And it is that, although the jargon of young people has always existed, now to the most used words among twenty-somethings is added the fact that they relate to each other in a very different way than previous generations.

Zs don’t need to see each other face to face to flirt, they have a lot more ways to interact with each other than before and it shows in their language. For this reason, since LOS40 we have wanted to compile some of the most particular terms of their vocabulary so that everyone who listens to them now knows what they are talking about.

Because who hasn’t felt a bit old hearing their son, grandson or even their little cousin say words they’ve never heard before?

1. Tracker

Harassment is a widely used term among millennials that extends to Z. It comes from the English verb ‘to stalk’, which translates to ‘stalk or harass’ and is applied to refer to reviewing another person’s social networks for the purpose of obtaining information about them and their life.

2. Boomer

A boomer and a Z. / Getty Images

Baby boomers are technically those people born between the years 1946 and 1964. However, Zs use this term to refer to people who do not understand their codes.

3. Random

Another popular term among Zs and millennials is “random” which literally means “random”. It is applied to talk about unpremeditated or varied things.

4. Being from 02, 03, 04 or 05

When a Z says, I’m 02, he’s literally telling you his year of birth: he was born in 2002.

5. Flow

When the Z’s talk about flow, they’re talking about personal style and their own identity.

6. Shipping or Shipping

The term sender has also been around for a long time, although it was the Zs who popularized it. The term sender is used to refer to the fact that fans or any third party express their illusion that two others have a romantic relationship that does not really exist. Generally, celebrities are shipped. An example of shipping might be fantasizing that Shakira and Henry Cavill are romantically involved.

7. You miss rue

“You miss the street” is an expression that Gen Z didn’t invent either, but popularized it. It is used to indicate that someone has little experience in something or simply lacks experience.

8. Ghost

‘Gósting’ is a term a practice that extends beyond the Z as well. It is used to refer to the practice of disappearing from someone’s life when it looked like a relationship was about to begin. At first, this term referred more to WhatsApp conversations, but now it applies to face-to-face conversations as well.

9. Crush

A crush is literally a crush. It is used both to designate the fact of feeling that you have had a crush and to designate the person who is the object of it.


MDLR stands for the French phrase “Mec de la rue” which translates to street boy. This term became popular thanks to a song by Barcelona rapper Morad published in 2019 with this title and is currently used to refer to young people who join a lifestyle on the fringes and an urban aesthetic.

11. Beef

The “oxen” were born from an argument between rappers who accused each other through their songs. However, Zs use it to refer to any kind of argument or enmity.


NTR stands for ‘Don’t even scratch’. Basically, Zs use these three letters to tell themselves not to worry or give too much importance to something in particular.

13. Trend

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A young man records a video. / Getty Images

A trend is basically a trend. It is often used to refer to Tik Tok viruses.

14. Aesthetics

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Ferragamo fashion show in Milan. / Getty Images

The term “aesthetic” can be translated as visually appealing or simply beautiful. It is used to define a type of aesthetic that always seeks to exalt beauty, whatever the field.

15. Hype

When you say “hype”, you mean high expectations. If there is a lot of hype around an album release, it basically means that fans are very excited to experience its content and expect great things from it.

16. EBA

Although for the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy and its State Public Employment Service the BAE is the “active search for employment”, the reality is that for Generation Z and certain millennials these three letters mean something very different. Basically, BAE translates to ‘darling’ or ‘special person’. It comes from the English expression “Avant n’importe qui d’autre” (before anyone else) and applies to very affectionate people, whether they are in a relationship or simply among friends.

17. cringe

“Cringe” is another English term used to say that you feel embarrassed.

18. Let go

It is a synonym of ‘grinding one’s teeth’ although it can also be translated as disgust and even, in some cases, it can also be applied to denote laziness.

19. Crazy

When a Z says something is “crazy”, far from giving the impression that it is the work of a deranged person, he is emphasizing that it is something fantastic. If it’s crazy, it’s because he loves it.

20. Be Cool

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A young woman hanging out. / Getty Images

Gen Z says “I chill” when they mean they chill.

21. Hot

Not all, but many Zs refer to their group of friends or co-workers as their buddies.

22. Shoot the MD

When the Z’s say someone “shot the DM,” they mean they wrote a direct message on their social media. Usually on Instagram.


‘xd’ is the transformation of the written form XD which was popularized by millennials. It’s often used to say, in a passive-aggressive way, that something isn’t very funny.

24. Living Estar

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Two very enthusiastic young people. / Getty Images

When you say “I live” you mean that you are really excited and excited about something. This expression is also a legacy of millennials.

25. Yass

‘Yasss’ is an expression that the Zs use a lot and which has its origins in the millennials. It is usually used in its written form and means something like “I love it” or “it’s awesome”.

25. Vibration

Another term in English that Gen Z and also some millennials use is “vibes,” which means “wave” or “vibration.” To say that someone is giving you bad “waves” is to say that they are giving you bad energy and to say that someone has diva “waves” is to say that they have powerful energy. .

26. Brother

“Brother” as an abbreviation of “brother” is another of the terms used in Gen Z to refer to friends or co-workers.

26. In the Ass

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peaches. / Getty Images

When a Z says “ass” or “for ass,” it just means they like something.

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