Through social networks, some employees have shared that their work teams have been overwhelmed by the high demand for the Happy Meal for adults.

The recent launch of the McDonald’s Happy Meal in collaboration with the Cactus Plant Flea Market aimed at adults has left many people happy except for the workers of several stores.

Apparently, the offer of a hamburger, combined with a four-eyed collectible toy has sent customers into a kind of frenzy with high demand for orders that exceeds the attention capacity of some restaurants.

Through social networks, some employees have shared part of their impressions a couple of days after the Happy Meal for adults was launched.

Under the title “Happy Meals for adults are killing me”, an anonymous worker said on the Reddit forum that his team has been overwhelmed. “The most difficult aspect of this promotion for the team is the sheer volume of these meals that we are selling,” he said.

The worker said that in several stores the demand has been such that the packages have been sold without special boxes, Big Macs or even without toys.

The problem seems to be that to buy a Happy Meal for adults, customers must choose between a Big Mac or a box with 10 chicken nuggets, orders significantly larger and more complex than those included in a traditional Happy Meal for children.

McDonald’s Happy Meal for adults: what the gifts are like in collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market

Another situation that the workers have observed is that unlike a child who convinces his father or an adult who buys him a box, adults can order larger amounts of product when they have cash.

“Brother, please don’t share those McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals, bro, I’m begging you.”said an employee on TikTok.

On social media, a worker shared part of a monstrous drive thru order consisting of eight Big Macs and 20 chicken nuggets, ten servings of French fries, ten drinks and 10 toys in boxes of adult Happy Meals with a 50 off coupon. % off. There are more such requests on online applications like this one, other employees said.

Like the workers, their bosses, although they try to be understanding, are also dealing with high doses of stress when it is barely the fourth day that this launch came in.

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