Just a few weeks ago, McDonald’s launched its Happy Meal for adults and in a short time they have practically sold out which has led to its toys becoming so valuable that they are selling for up to $300,000 on sites like eBay.

La Mejita Feliz Cactus Plant Flea Market Box was created by McDonald’s to arouse the nostalgia of adult consumers and attract those who have moved away from the brand.

And the company seems to have succeeded, because today the McDonald’s Happy Meal for adults has almost become a collector’s item whose toys have reached ridiculous prices.

The bidding war to get the four characters that were launched together with the Happy Meal for adults has exploded on online sales platforms such as eBay, which have become the only places for collectors to have them.

In recent days there have been stratospheric offers in which resellers looking to make a quick buck taking advantage of the fact that McDonald’s and its collaboration with the clothing brand Cactus Plant Flea Market was for a limited time.

$300,000 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

One of the most significant cases in recent days occurred on eBay where a seller posted an offer with all four Happy Meal characters for adults for a price of $300,000.

The vendor notes that the four McDonald’s Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie characters and the restaurant’s partner brand mascot, Cactus Buddy, are brand new and unopened in their original packaging.

The supplier also highlights, despite the high price of the toys, that “they will sell quickly.”

But this is not the only offer that circulates on the sales sites so collectors can get their hands on McDonald’s adult Happy Meal toys, according to a CNBC report.

Another seller bid one of four Happy Meal characters for adults at $25,000 to which the person who is willing to pay them will have to add the $6.10 dollars that are charged for shipping.

Collectors have paid for the toys

Neither the offer of $300,000 for the entire collection nor the offer of $25,000 for one of the pieces has received offers; however, this does not mean that other sellers have not been successful.

On October 6, a seller on eBay sold a collection of 150 McDonald’s toys for $2,400 at an average of $16 dollars per piece.

Another person sold 150 Adult Happy Meals for $1,900 based on eBay sales history.

One more offer was closed for $12.95 for a person who sold one of the McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal boxes.

Another launch that McDonald’s made in the past days was the Halloween Happy Meal, with the return of the collection buckets since 2016.

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