In his autobiography “Friends, lovers and the big terrible thing” actor Matthew Perry recounts that during his rehabilitation in Switzerland his heart stopped beating for several minutes, and for this reason he was unable to complete his participation in the film “Don’t look up “.

Although Matthew Perry’s autobiography “Friends, lovers and the big terrible thing” will be on sale until November 1, excerpts from it are already causing controversy due to the passages in which he narrates the consequences that his abuse of alcohol had on him. alcohol and drugs.

The star of the television series “Friends” recounts that during his stay in a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland he convinced the doctors to give him painkillers in order to relieve a stomach ache, when in fact he was lying. The night before surgery he took several pills, but the worst came in the morning, because when they administered Propofol as anesthesia, his heart stopped beating for five minutes.

“It wasn’t a heart attack, but nothing was beating. I was told that a Swiss guy didn’t want the guy from ‘Friends’ to die on the operating table and he gave me CPR for five minutes, pressing on my chest. If he hadn’t been on ‘Friends,’ would he have stopped after three minutes?” wrote Matthew, detailing that this person saved his life, but also broke eight of his ribs.

Matthew Perry’s addiction problem caused him to squander the opportunity to appear alongside Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Laerence in the award-winning film “Don’t Look Up.” Before leaving for Switzerland for rehabilitation he filmed a scene that was not included in the final cut of the film, and after the incident in the operating room he was unable to resume that job because he felt pain all over his body. of the. He himself admits that “Don’t look up” would have been “the greatest film of my career.”

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