‘Masterchef’ returns to La 1 de TVE: premiere date and time

‘Masterchef’ returns to La 1 de TVE: premiere date and time

Tick, tock, tick, tock… The countdown to the eleventh edition of Chef beginning is coming to an end and we are already anticipating that It will not be much less a season like those seen so far. For those who love to cook, for those who just enjoy watching the show, or for those who take the opportunity to learn new recipes, there’s nothing left for wannabes to get their hands on the stove ready to get their skins out!

After ending the last Christmas season in which the controversy was well served and in which Anabel Alonso took victory with an unbeatable menu, TVE announced the returnbut this time the anonymous version that will arrive in a format never seen before.

Masterchef returns. / A 1 RTE

He Talent culinary produced by Shne Iberia returns with a facelift and important news to make this edition one full of magic, intrigue and… many other things that we will discover later. However, what we have been able to know has already been the time and day the starting gun will be fired and the great casting they did for this edition and which left no one indifferent.

Release date and time Chef

The only thing that will not change in the eleventh edition will be the jury of the program which, as faithful as ever, will continue to leave us with great moments. In this way, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz will continue to demonstrate this complicity on the kitchen scene, they will continue to show their rivalry in outdoor events and, above all and what the public loves the most , they will fight because their team gets rid of the elimination test.

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Chef / A 1 RTE

But when? Well, as the house itself has confirmed, it will be This next Monday, March 27 when the entertainment program returns to the small screen. Faithful to its schedule, or at least in this first broadcast, it will be broadcast from 10 p.m. on TVE La 1.

A chapter that will be most decisive after the casting that mobilized more than half of Spain. However, this Monday 60 contestants will be those who walk through the doors in search of the white apron. A former competitor of Junior Master Chef returns to the kitchens, a 19-year-old student, an air traffic controller from Cadiz, a TikTok content creator and many others will try their luck to be part of this edition that will keep us in suspense until the last second, don’t miss it. THE!

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