Andrea Guasch, on ‘Your face makes me 10’: “When I found out I was imitating Chanel at the first gala, I almost died”

Andrea Guasch, on ‘Your face makes me 10’: “When I found out I was imitating Chanel at the first gala, I almost died”

Andrea Guasch promises to be one of the revelation candidates of Your face sounds like 10 to me. Being one of the least known to the general public, everything indicates that it will occupy the winners’ podium. And that only with the first promotion that the talent launched.

And that’s it, the advance published by the Antena 3 show shows her stepping into Chanel’s shoes and mimicking her ‘SloMo’ in such a brutal way that Carlos Latre condemns: “This is one of the greatest imitations in history! »

Thus, and without delivered delivery, is already one of the favorites of the edition. For this reason, we spoke to the 32-year-old Catalan actress, singer and dancer, who tells us about the casting she went through, her friendship with Chanel, her relationship with the rest of the show’s colleagues. or his future projects. .

How did you get the proposal to participate in ‘Your face makes me 10’?

I always wanted to be in Your face seems familiar. Before it even existed, I also dreamed of participating in What a Star… It was my goal to be Olivia Newton-John in the pool (laughs), I’m very happy.

Before the summer, they offered to do the casting face to face. They asked me to prepare 3 or 4 personal ones and I brought 5 or 6. Among them was ‘SloMo’ and I think it brought me luck. It went really well and they confirmed it would be there.

Your Chanel imitation is the main hook of the premiere, how did you prepare it?

When they informed me that my first performance was going to be Chanel, I almost died. I expected the first one to be less loud and get used to the space but that was one of my little dreams. And since I had done it at the casting, something else had already been prepared for me.

The truth is that the first rehearsals drowned me, dancing is complicated, we never stop and singing at the same time was complicated. I prepared it as I read everywhere that Chanel prepared it for her: running and singing, in heels…

Did Chanel give you any advice?

I’m lucky she’s been a friend of mine for many years and I called her for advice. She, very pretty, sent me an audio with the moments when she took the opportunity to get more air… and with the adrenaline of the public I went up.

Chanel advised me to have a good time and that in the second verse there were fragments in which I could take a lot of air for the sequel.

Also, you did your performance with the same Chanel dancers

Yes, that’s what helped me the most. I had three rehearsals in the room, one with all the dancers and five others on the set. Fortunately they were there because I felt protected, because they have already done it several times and they have integrated it well. I thought if I was wrong they would guide me and I felt like I was levitating all the time. (Laughs)

The gala has already been broadcast on AtresPLAYER, what feedback do you receive from subscribers?

I get super nice messages. It scared me because Chanel is unique and she has fans who love her. I thought they wouldn’t want me to imitate them and a lot of them encourage me. I am delighted to receive this support from his own fans.

Also from people who didn’t know me in the field of singing and dancing and had only seen me as an actress. It’s very nice.

All the galas have been recorded, how was the experience with your fellow editors?

We all love each other very much. It was like a big family, having spent 5 months together on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We met for lunch and dinner and felt we didn’t want to be apart. We are all very different but everyone brings something cool to the group.

How would you define each of your classmates?

I would go to a party tomorrow with Susi Caramelo, Merche is a very good adviser, Anne is more maternal and protective, we shared a lot of music with Alfred, Agustín Jiménez was my discovery, if you want to laugh, call him.

I would go dancing with Míriam, I would like to have Josie as my stylist for the rest of my life and with Jadel I laughed a lot.

After ‘Your face looks like 10 to me’, what future projects do you have?

In January we released the album of Hotel Flamingo, my band, and now we are composing for the next one. It was a search for sound and now we are moving more towards rock. And since I got bitten by the dance bug, we’re going to incorporate something like that into our show.

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