Master cook 11 premiered yesterday on TVE with its macrocasting of candidates who reached 70,000 summoned to Madrid.

Of all of them, only 60 were selected for the final test in which Jordi Cruz, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Pepe Rodríguez chose the lucky ones to enter the talent.

And, although in this edition the number of candidates has doubled, and instead of being 15 there will be 30. There have been striking faces that have passed before the jury, who have been discarded despite their charisma .

This was the case with Mar Aguilera. A young woman who looked like Jordi for something and he didn’t know why. “This may sound familiar to you as I was Miss Spain in 2018 or 2019,” she says. What surprise the judges not to remember such an important date. “My memory is failing me a lot,” she jokes.

But their dish did not convince them and they had to say “no” to enter the contest. Whoever got the positive vote went to Marta, a 46-year-old woman, arrived accompanied by an important sponsor: F1 driver Jaime Alguersuari.

The candidate explained that she had always followed her brother as an assistant and representative, but that she now wanted to make her way into the kitchen.

Marta and Jaime Alguersuari in ‘Masterchef 11’ / RTVE

Something that could be accomplished since he conquered the judges with his first elaboration and became a candidate.

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