Massiel, criticized by Social Media after her Transphobic Statements

Massiel, criticized by Social Media after her Transphobic Statements

Massiel went this Saturday night to the ‘Deluxe’ and the truth is that she set fire to social media with Transphobic statements that no one expected. Speaking of the decision of the Kings, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, to send Princess Leonor to study the two years of high school in Wales, the singer went through the bush and wanted to make an age comparison that turned out to be a failure.

The artist made the mistake of saying that gender identity was linked to the sexual organs of a person, or rather, that gender identity depended on the sexual organs that a person had: “If a person decides to get hormones or change gender is fine, but piano, that is not chosen. It is not normal that later, in a women’s prison, there is a penis “.

These devastating statements made the viewers of the program explode through social networks, who criticized not only that an artist like her had said such a barbarism, but that no one had stopped her feet. Jorge Javier Vázquez, who was already warm, because he had to correct Massiel several times previously, especially when he criticized Irene Montero for having seen a false video.

In this way, Massiel has been quite damaged after his interview and the truth is that we are quite sorry because whenever she has sat on a television set she has made some beastly appearances that have remained in the memory, like yesterday’s but out for this little flaw.


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