Now Marilyn Manson‘s fight to make him pay for all the damage he did to more than a dozen victims has been stopped with the legal battle that the actress started with the actor.

Jaime Bell for the custody of their only child in common. The latter that Evan broke the joint custody agreement they had reached by moving with his son from California to Nashville, but she maintains that she had no choice but to do so for her own safety.

According to the documents she presented to the judge, the actress is afraid of the possible repercussions for testifying against Manson and has not stopped receiving death threats that she believes have been sent by “the network of fans” of the singer, to the which he describes as “extreme Satanists, pedophiles and Nazis who helped him to kidnap, abuse and ritually torture different people.”

Evan also revealed that another of Manson’s alleged victims recorded her saying that she had photos of her children and that she knew their social security numbers, which has only increased her concern that the singer would also have threatened to sexually abuse them.

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