Amalia turns 18 today, but it will be tomorrow when her father presents her to the Council of State, the most important independent body in the country and which advises the Government and Parliament. It is the way in which heirs prepare from a young age for their future functions as sovereigns, learning what is necessary about legislation and constitutional law.

While this long-awaited ceremony arrives, since yesterday Máxima and Guillermo began to share some publications to celebrate Amalia’s birthday and, the first of them, has generated a lot of interest, since it is a series of unpublished photographs of the princess throughout of the years. In them, Amalia is seen since she was a child and then how she has grown to become an adult.

And, as is tradition year after year, just today they have revealed the new images of the princess posing especially for this day. The photos were recently taken at the Huis ten Bosch Palace by photographer Frank Ruiter. The princess was expected to pose for the first time wearing a tiara, but it did not happen.

The place chosen for the first session, where Amalia wears a red dress from Max Mara Of the new collection that has a cost of 7,325 Mexican pesos, was the Orange Hall (Orange Zaal), a very special place within the Palace because it keeps a significant history.

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