obviously, one of the most anticipated announcements for many years is that of GTA VI, but it’s hard to ask and a lot (in the end I will have to play GTA V again, from time to time). Now the good thing about Grand Theft Auto V is that It’s still more alive than ever and its GTA Online has left us with a wide variety of options to enjoy it.and I’m not just talking about official game modes or expansions, but about the series of streamers that have been carried out in the Rockstar Games title.

About these, one of the GTA Online series that managed to conquer the public was that of Marbella Vice. This was created two years ago, as officials clearly recalled yesterday via the Twitter account. This, yes, The important thing about this is that there is already news for what will be the second part of the famous role-playing game series.with which his first opus was very successful and allowed us to discover other great content creators.

That’s right, Marbella Vice 2 is already in development and will be released next year.

  • It should be mentioned that, first of all, the existence of Marbella Vice 2 was known almost at the end of its first editionalthough it was obviously too early to give details.
  • Now back to that exact moment, the official account of the aforementioned series on Twitter has already confirmed that Marbella Vice 2 is already in development and already has a release date.
  • Well, to be exact, the only thing they confirmed is that It will happen in 2024, without offering anything more concrete, although it is hoped that we will have news throughout this year.
  • We have just started the development of Marbella Vice 2“, explains the tweet. To end with a “we’re talking about 2024“.

Either way, we’ll obviously be more than attentive to what might be revealed about Marbella Vice 2, since now it’s something we’re looking forward to. It remains to be seen if the series of streamers will be released before the announcement of GTA VI.

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