Manuel Oliver, the father of Joaquín, one of the victims of the Parkland massacre, was arrested at the Capitol on Thursday after appearing to yell at a Republican lawmaker who was speaking during a hearing on gun regulations, according to information published by NBC. .

Florida Democratic Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a 26-year-old who is also a survivor of gun violence, tweeted a video of officers detaining a man he identified as Oliver.

Representative Pat Fallon, Republican of Texas, later said that some people “interrupted the hearing.” “We have asked the Capitol police to remove them. Then they were taken out and then one of them decided to come in while we were still beaten up and disrupting the hearing,” he continued. “That’s when we Paused. Capitol Police were overwhelmed outside in the hallway and now we’re back in session.”

Capitol Police said in a statement, “About noon, a man was arrested under DC Code §22-1307 (overcrowding, obstruction, or nuisance) after disrupting a hearing.”

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