Celso Mejía is just grateful to be alive. “I have a new opportunity to move on, get it right and change course.”

According to Mejía, this was the main lesson learned from the experience he had to live at the beginning of this month, when he was the main actor in a violent incident with two other subjects.

“I was coming home with my son’s mother. I looked at them. I just wanted to talk to them,” Mejía recalls, referring to Jimmy Pierre and Larry March.

Jimmy Pierre and Larry March were arrested, even if the alleged victim says he does not want to file a complaint, preferring to forget everything.

According to Mejía, one of them had disrespected his son’s mother. “I was sending him pictures of his private parts.”

The conversation turned into a fight, the man admits. “I started the fight. But I had nothing to defend myself with. Just my fist.”

According to the police report, one of the subjects fired in the air and the other threw a stone at Mejía’s car.

“I got in the car to leave but when he threw the stone I lost control and that’s when I hit the wall,” Mejía recalled.

At this time – presumably – one of the subjects approached the vehicle and began stabbing it.

“He first gave it to my son’s mother, then he gave it to me.” As a result of the attack, they both ended up in the hospital.

A company’s surveillance video shows part of the incident.

“Thank God I’m here. Thank goodness he taught me to see a lot of different things about life.

Although both subjects were arrested. Mejía says he does not want to press charges, preferring to forget everything, while he is grateful to have the opportunity to be alive.

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