This Wednesday, a man accused of murdering another who attempted suicide in Little Havana, but ended up hospitalized for a week, appeared before a judge.

“You have been arrested and charged with the crime of second degree murder,” Gamaliel Arreola-Malago, 37, who faces second degree murder charges and is being held without bond, told the court.

On Wednesday, April 19, Miami City Police received an emergency call at Northwest 12th Avenue and Northwest 7th Street, regarding a suicide attempt.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers found a man under a bridge with multiple self-inflicted injuries to his face, and he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment. The man accompanying him had a driver’s license belonging to a person identified as Juan Alberto Rodríguez.

According to a witness, the man had just confessed that he had murdered someone the day before and that he wanted to surrender. His victim would later be found bound hand and foot and with duct tape over his mouth, in the closet of an apartment at 1920 Southwest 1st Street, Little Havana.

Police attended the address listed on the driver’s license and a resident told police the person no longer lived there and provided an alternate address.

Authorities arrived at the second address where there was a strong smell, after calling the fire department to enter the apartment, they found the body of a person who was in a state of decomposition and in a fetal position inside. interior of a closet.

The victim’s mouth, hands and feet were bound with duct tape.

A witness later said he spoke to the suspect, who confessed to killing someone he was living with at the apartment.

According to the police report, the suspect told the witness that he passed out after drinking a beer with crushed pills, but upon regaining consciousness, the victim had sex with him.

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