Maluma shared on his social networks that Bastian Matías Madrid, a 14-year-old boy he considered “his little brother” died. The musical star wanted to dedicate a beautiful post to the little boy, with whom he had had a very close relationship for years:

“With my heart broken to pieces, I must inform you by this means that Bastian has left us from this earthly plane. My Master, my guide, my friend, my little brother has left leaving us all his teachings and leaving a void immense than nothing and no one can occupy it”.

The Colombian continues by explaining that the little boy was a victim of the cancer from which he suffered: “We fought until the end but the best was his rest. Strength to all those who had the pleasure of meeting Bastian, ‘El Niño smile’. I love you, I will love you forever my Prince. See you on the road soon.”

Along with these moving words, Maluma shared a photo in which he appears bumping heads with the little one. The two have the same hairstyle: the pink shaved style that Maluma decided to wear for a while.

A friendship from years ago

Maluma has become a good friend of Bastian. The Hawaiian singer described him as “an angel who came to me and became my life teacher” in 2021. Meanwhile, Bastian always came when he got to see Maluma in concert. In addition, as we could see on the social networks of the young man, the singer always had a moment for him.

The post Maluma shared was filled with messages of support from his colleagues and colleagues. Although in times like this there is no consolation, we send all the love in the world to Maluma and the family of little Bastian.

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