FIFA 23: TOTW 25 arrived with La Liga notoriety (including a DFC with a pace of 92)

FIFA 23: TOTW 25 arrived with La Liga notoriety (including a DFC with a pace of 92)

Besides the fact that they have already appeared leaks about an upcoming Ultimate Team event and even marquee matchesToday we have news for FIFA 23. And one of them is TOTW 25, Weak Team of the Week in Competitive Maps but in which we see several “high” averages for LaLiga Santander.

In fact, Antoine Griezmann is the footballer with the highest overall rating. Featured IFs were for Iñaki Williams, Vitinha and Carlos Vela; while Valladolid centre-back Jawad El Yamiq stands out with his pace of 92. He is one of the fastest players in his position.

FIFA 23 TOTW 25 (Team of the Week)

Antoine Griezman receives his fourth In Form of the seasonOh, a lot of his stats aren’t bad at all. However, this card retains the three stars of the bad leg. He will therefore not have too many resources to deceive his opponents inside the box, apart from the fact that he is not very fast either.

Griezmann FIF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats

Yamiq IF is one of the fastest centre-backs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. His pace of 92 is brutal, in addition he reaches a strength of 92 and measures 1’90. Since the Intelligence (82) and Steals (84) stats are low, he shouldn’t be a top DFC. But it would not be surprising if he works very decently, because with his speed he will be able to camouflage this weakness several times (even more so in the old version).

Stats in game El Yamiq IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

In the TOTW 25 we find Lots of letters that might have been useful at another time of the year, but don’t get much attention anymore. Especially since the players themselves already have even more complete special versions. For example, Vitinha is one of the featured IFs but has already received a Future Stars. His previous object is inferior in some respects, but has much greater strength.

Diogo Jota also appears as In Form and recently updated their Fantasy FUT stats. It is distinguished by the five bad leg stars, but today’s card has low sprint (85) and vulgar vision (80).

Vitinha IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats
In-Game Stats Diogo Jota IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Spinazzola IF appears as MI, although among its alternate positions is LI. It stands out for its pace and some attributes are quite good, but it barely reaches 80 stamina. He’ll be decent if he doesn’t come up too often, but you can probably sign even more competitive items for this position.

Spinazzola IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats

Carlos Vela is one of the featured IFs in this TOTW 25. Increase his bad leg stars to four on both points, and some attributes are pretty good. He hits 91 vision and positioning, 89 finishing, and most dribbling stats are high. But his stamina is very low (71) and his sprint can be improved (85). It will be someone slow in long races. If your priority is competitiveness, I advise against it.

While Iñaki Williams stands out for his speed, for 95 accelerations and 96 sprints. But in addition to having an awful record (68), does not exceed three bad leg stars. So inside the box he won’t be as unpredictable as many other forwards in FIFA 23.

In-Game Stats Vela IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
In-Game Stats Iñaki Williams IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

In this TOTW 25 we find wingers who can change their position in central, arrives with Nacho Fernández and Pavard. But while they don’t have horrible numbers, they’re not very recommendable either. Right now it’s easy to get more competitive maps. Indeed, Real Madrid’s DFC is available in the background and the statistics of this version are superior.

Nacho IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats
In-Game Stats Pavard IF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Remember that We have a Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we release on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. and There you go several recommendations on RTTF cards whose price has dropped. Cheers!

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