If Mafia 4 is going to be like this, it will undoubtedly be at the cutting edge of video game graphics.

do you want me to go out Mafia 4? Well, unfortunately I think there’s still room for that, since… yes, the development of the game is confirmed, but we know absolutely nothing about it. We haven’t seen any images or gameplay of the title, let alone, so I think it’s in a very early development phase. But while we wait the community does its job, as per usual.

In fact, since Unreal Engine 5 It’s on everyone’s lips, many adaptations have been made by fans of games that don’t exist in this engine. And indeed, that’s exactly what they did with the next installment in the saga. Mafia. I leave you below the work of some fans, who have used the aforementioned engine to imagine what Mafia 4 will look like con Unreal engine 5. And it’s a real madness!

Mafia 4 and Unreal Engine 5

were the boys Teaser Play those who shared a video made by themselves with Unreal Engine 5 imagine how it will be Mafia 4:

  • As you can see, the result is absolutely stunning, with a totally enviable level of graphics for many games
  • Everything is very realistic, from the decorations to the faces, to the puddles and the textures of absolutely everything
  • It is important to mention that that’s not it in Teaser Play they develop their own game, but they just made a concept of what the official game will be

Did you like it? Graphically, it’s crazy. But I think a lot of us know that Mafia 4 won’t look so good, since very few games have such graphic quality. Well, you never know, because Mafia 3 it looked really good. What do you think? I read you in the comments!

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