Whimsical Pie is a delicious dessert added in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Pride of the Valley update. As with many other recipes in the game, players are tasked with doing a bit of culinary experimentation to discover the recipe for creating this mouth-watering treat. This particular recipe requires a rare ingredient that was recently added with this latest game update that you definitely don’t want to lose. So below, we’re sharing the exact ingredients you’ll need to bake a whimsical cake in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Cook a Whimsical Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley certainly has no shortage of delicacies, most of which are fairly simple to cook. Whimsical Pie is a little more difficult as one of the ingredients, Dreamlight Fruit, requires completing a series of friendship quests offered by Simba, a new addition with the game’s Pride of the Valley update. whimsical, you will need the following three ingredients:

  • 1 time Butter
  • 1 time Wheat
  • 1 time dreamy light fruit

As with all other cooking recipes in the game, once you’ve baked your first whimsical pie, your recipe will be added to the Meals section of your Collections tab and the Desserts section of your recipe list when you interact with a station. Cooking. .

How and Where to Get Ingredients for Lunatic Pie

To make the Three Star Lunatic Pie recipe, two of the ingredients can be easily purchased with Star Coins and the third requires a bit more work as you will need to increase your friendship level with Simba and complete his quests to get your rewards .hands on delicious Dreamlight fruits. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get each of the ingredients needed for Whimsical Pie:

How to Get the Butter Ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Butter it’s a relatively simple ingredient to obtain, as it’s available for purchase in unlimited quantities on the Chez Remy bakery shelf. Of course, you’ll need to have Remy unlocked and his restaurant placed in order to access his special shop. This is done at the beginning of Remy’s friendship quest lines, with later quests adding additional purchasable ingredients. Butter can be purchased for 190 star coins.

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How to Get Wheat Ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Wheat is another simple ingredient to obtain in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can buy this ingredient directly from the Goofy stall located in Peaceful Meadow or grow it yourself from the seeds available at the same stall. The fully grown crop costs a measly 3 Star Coins so it’s the obvious choice to get wheat.

How to Get Dreamlight Fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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dreamy light fruit is a brand new ingredient added in Dreamlight Valley’s Pride of the Valley update. This ingredient is a little harder to obtain, as it requires you to unlock The Lion King’s Kingdom, invite Simba to the valley, and then increase your friendship level with him. You can quickly increase your friendship with Simba by completing his quests, gifting him his favorite items, having him accompany you while you perform various tasks around town, or simply by continuously giving him flowers.

Once you are able to obtain and complete the “Seed of Memories” questline from Simba, at Friendship Level 7, you will be able to plant a Dreamlight Fruit Tree which will produce three fruits when harvested. These fruits regrow very slowly, so be sure to prepare your recipe correctly so you can enjoy a hearty serving of whimsical pie.


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