There are only a few hours left until the highly anticipated launch of Star Wars Jedi: Survivorthe continuation of one of the best adventures single player of recent years. Jedi: Fallen Order was, for many fans, the perfect Star Wars video game, but the new installment seems to have surpassed it in every way. Do you want to throw down the gauntlet?

If you still have doubts about it maybe you should take a look at the latest promotional video from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, in which a very familiar face appears for all lovers of the science fiction universe of George Lucas.

Mark Hamill becomes Cal Kestis’ new teacher

  • In anticipation of the worldwide release of Star War Jedi: Survivor, Electronic Arst has shared a new video of the game the sea of ​​the curious
  • In this “behind the scenes” we see Cameron Monaghan (actor who plays Cal Kestis in the game) trained in the Jedi arts by Mark Hamill himself, the person who gave life to luke skywalker in the films of the saga
  • True fans of the franchise will find lots of winks in this place, like certain references to training that Yoda imposed on Luke on Dagobah or even chascarillos related to tape production issues
  • Without a doubt, these types of promotions are the ones that are etched in users’ memories, good for EA

“An evolution and a story worth appreciating”

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor goes on sale starting tomorrow, April 28 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. My partner Juan Linares has already been able to play this long-awaited adventure, and if you want to know what he thought about it, you can read his analysis via the following link.

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