almost four years ago Taylor Swift presents the world with her seventh studio album, Loverlike a love letter to love each other: an 18-song album covering all kinds of love, relationships and romance, including the last theme, Day lightwas a direct response to one of his previous albums, Red.

Red he was dedicated to red relationships (“those that went from zero to 120 km/h only to hit a wall and explode”), but in his own prologue he also talks about another kind of love he yearned for to achieve: “There’s something I’m proud of in turning the page and realizing that true love has a golden glow like starlight, and it does not fade or burn out spontaneously. Maybe one day I’ll write a whole album about that kind of love.if I ever find him.”

seven years later Red, Taylor made a record about that kind of love after three years of dating Joe Alwyna relationship that the last few days it seemed to be breaking (as claimed by various American media) in the middle of one of the most important tours for the singer: The tour of eras.

While waiting for the next concerts of Taylor Swift in Tampa (Florida) to be explanatory or not in the face of these rumors, what we know for certain is that The news itself led to hundreds of thousands of fans listening to Taylor Swift’s love album on repeat. and where we can find more songs inspired by her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Such is so Lover received over 8.2 million plays on Spotify in the past 24 hoursrecord figures for the singer, who had not received this number of listeners for her project since 2019, the year of its launch.

And it’s that if anyone loves a drama more than Taylor Swift herself, it’s her followers. Masochists as they only know how to be, played songs like cruel summer (which approaches the beginnings of their relationship as a friendship with benefits), Cornelia Street (where some came to express their mourning with flowers) or Lover (the album’s quintessential love song) to get the numbers that have been reflected in their numbers for the past few hours.

In the midst of all this storm, in addition, Taylor Swift managed to break another record: that of becoming the lThe woman with the most monthly listeners in Spotify’s history, surpassing 85.2 million. Moreover, he was the person who managed to reach 5,000 million views the fastest so far this year on the platform.

It is already said often, Taylor Swift is the music industry itself and all the records she accumulates are more than deserved after 16 years in the industry. !! Congratulations!!

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