Georgina Rodríguez Returns With Her Docuseries, With More Rich People Drama Beyond Me

I will not deceive you: Probably none of the 3 Netflix premieres of this Friday March 24 will interest you. The reason? The most interesting were launched from Monday to Thursday, as the night guard oh Furiesthe long-awaited prequel to Anger. Now, if you like action (regardless of your country of origin) or want to know more about the lives of celebrities, maybe these 3 versions catch your attention.

theft of thieves

A flight attendant and her boyfriend must steal a shipment of diamonds to pay off an old debt. But their plan becomes complicated when the plane they are traveling in is hijacked.. Although the principle of the plot is simpler than the mechanism of a balloon, Flight of Thieves is an action and intrigue film that can be entertaining for taking a nap. However, it has all the ingredients of a feature film programmed on Cuatro on a Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

Flight of Thieves is an Indian action film about kidnappings.

Season 2 of I Am Georgina

Georgina Rodríguez has not had enough with one season, which now returns with an even more “kitsch” second. Only for fans of influencer or who are morbid to know more about the life of the couple of Cristiano Ronaldo. For the rest, this documentary with biographical overtones remains as surreal as the lives of millionaires that few can achieve.

Who are we running from, mom?

Turkish series much closer to a soap opera than other Netflix projects shot in Turkey. Its plot introduces us to a mother with a hidden past who runs away with her daughter. None have an identity, but many people are hot on their heels. Who can they trust? The title, it must be said, sums up the synopsis better than the synopsis itself.

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