never before a series finale had generated in Spain a television tsunami like that of the fiction The Serranos. This format said goodbye to the small screen on July 27, 2008, leaving all fans with honey on their lips and endless questions about its abrupt end. This very controversial question has been fueled in recent hours by the reunion of all the actors and actresses of The Serranos. So much so that the producer of the fiction, Daniel Écija, spoke after years of silence.

It is possible that at this point there are ignorant people who do not completely remember what happened in the last chapter of the series, but it is important before you realize that one of The plot’s protagonists, Lucía, a role played by Belén Rueda, had died in season six, but that fiction continued to air for two more seasons. However, when Telecinco decided to cancel it, the producers had to rush to find that storyline twist.

This ending corresponded to the fact that Diego Serrano, role played by Antonio Resines, claimed that everything he had lived it was a dream and that nothing corresponded to reality. Something that did not please viewers who after so many years felt cheated.

On the occasion of the reunion of Los Serrano, for which Telecinco has decided to broadcast the first chapter of the series and almost two decades after this controversial end, the debate has once again been revived. But it seems that now there is an answer that could help all the followers of the series to understand its last chapter.” We agreed with Mediaset, with Telecinco, that they were going to be the last chapters of the series. We started thinking about how to end the series.”Daniel Écija explained in a special that the channel wanted to do to The Serranos.

Daniel Écija explaining the controversial ending of ‘Los Serrano’. / media play

Écija said that he and his entire team considered the option that “everything would have been a dream», what he himself experienced when his father died. It was one of several options that were on the table and one that the producers and writers ultimately settled on.

“It is stupidity that isExplains why a decision was made that should have been considered. Because there was a problem, and it was that hethe children had grown a lot“, pointed out the producer in the special and added later that “this is one of the most questionable ends of a series” that there has been “in years” in our country.

This vision coincides with that of the majority of fans of Telecinco fiction. However, the screenwriter and producer Alberto Rey, known for his analyzes on the subject, specified, in this special program, that we must not forget that it was a question of “one of the most criticized and parodied endings in history”. Something that, according to his point of view, is something very positive: “If we keep laughing, it means that they have done their job very well.”

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