It’s finally happened! And no, It is not Resins’s dream, even if these twenty years have passed in the blink of an eye. The Serranos reunited on the occasion of the anniversary of the series and the publication of the new project of Francois Perea: One plus one is 20.

The Malaga, who spent several months revisiting and inverting his hits in the company of artists such as Bely Basarte, Ana Guerra, The Ear of Van Gogh, Pignoise, Ginebras or even Raydendecided to surround themselves despite recreating One plus one is 7, which was the air of well-known fiction.

The whole family joined this launch party: Lucía (Belén Rueda), Eva (Veróncia Sánchez), Tete (Natalia Sánchez), Guille (Víctor Elías), Currito (Jorge Jurado), Diego (Antonio Resines) and, of course, Marcos (Fran Perea).

“Are you sure about that?” “Yes, it’s already playing,” exchange Dani de Despistaos and Fran at the start of the music video. And said and done. All that remained was to send a message to the rest of the clan: “Family! One plus one is 7! Come!”. And one by one, they leave their projects and professional commitments aside to join this video so special and awaited by fans of The Serranos. Because if Fran tells them to come, they drop everything. And so are we, to witness the expected return.

The clip directed by Ángel Velasco is full of nostalgia and feelings. Impossible not to get excited seeing the facade of the house in the Santa Justa neighborhood and the entire main cast. The only thing missing is Fiti, Santi, Lourditas, Africa and Raúl… “Most of the time”.

During the presentation event of the album —produced mainly by Perea and Elías—, the singer declared that this song is “the final highlight, which shows once again that we were a family and we have this feeling towards the show. There was something special between us”. Something that persists over time.

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