Washington, Sep 12 – Los Angeles County (California) recorded the first confirmed death from monkeypox in the United States, according to the Department of Public Health, which indicated that the deceased suffered from severe systemic complications. immune.

In late August, the Texas Department of Health reported the death of a monkeypox patient, but it has not yet been determined whether the person died of monkeypox or some other reason.

The Los Angeles patient died when he was already admitted to the hospital, the Department of Public Health said in a statement, and that monkeypox has been the cause of death was confirmed by the US Centers for Disease Control. USA (CDC).

According to the latest data from the CDC, on Monday, the United States accumulates the highest number of global cases of monkeypox, with 21,985, out of a total of about 58,000 worldwide.

The two states with the most cases are two of the largest in the country: California (4,300) and New York (3,591).

The US health authorities were “cautiously optimistic” in August, because although the numbers of infections continue to rise, the rate of increase has slowed, especially in the most affected constituencies.

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