Lola Indigo She is generally quite discreet with her private life and she speaks little of her partners. But, in an interview, he was comfortable with the singer who was his companion for a day.

I’ll never be with artists again”. That’s how resounding the singer sounded in an interview she picked up over the weekend socialite socialite. And he did not hesitate to tell how he had learned of the cuckoldry that he had been subjected to.

“I’m going one day with my hairdresser and my best friend, with Christ, to Chile. They stop him at the border and the police tell him. They become friends and he says ‘hey, why are you coming to Chile?’ “I am Lola Indigo’s hair and makeup artist”. ‘Oh, can I tell you something? Whoever was your boyfriend wrote to my cousin…“He told her a series of things,” he said of this anecdote that opened his eyes to his ex-girlfriend.

“Look how big the world is so that at the customs of Chile they told Christ that I He had horns like Bambi’s father.“, he admitted.

He also didn’t keep his reaction when he found out: “He had a conversation and I unsubscribed him, fuck you, I don’t wanna know nothing else. How far did you go with your cuckolds, man, Spain wasn’t enough for you? That’s how I ended up with him.”

put the name

She never gives names, but the program did some research and concluded that the boyfriend she is talking about is don patrick. He no longer follows him on social networks, he deleted two photos he had published with him and, finally, there are the dates of his trip to Chile and the breakup with Don Patricio, which coincide.

It is clear that they did not end in a very good mood. But that’s history because now the dragon is about to take flight and there is a great desire to hear from the singer who, for the moment, still seems to be single.

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