A police chase began Wednesday afternoon on the northbound Miami-Dade County Toll Highway and continues through the streets of South Florida with at least two people exiting a vehicle and running towards an area residential.

The vehicle police were tracking was a white 2018 Lexus two-door, whose occupants were allegedly involved in an armed robbery.

Amid the chase, the men pulled over on a highway and tried to hijack the car of a person driving behind them, but the alleged assailant couldn’t get to the car, so they resumed their drive. leak.

Then, on a second attempt, one of the fleeing men got out of the vehicle and, at gunpoint, pulled a driver out of his car, who got out with his hands up and left his vehicle to the attackers.

Authorities managed to intercept the fleeing cars and began a ground pursuit. One of the fugitives crossed a canal and entered a residential area of ​​Tamarac, where authorities began searching for him with the help of the canine squad.

In footage from the Telemundo 51 helicopter, it was possible to see how the man ran out of the vehicle and drove into a residential area while several uniformed officers followed him.

This is a news in development and there is no official information at the moment. Return to Telemundo 51 for more details.

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