A young boy named Letrell Duncan, 16-year-old basketball promise, died as a result of multiple gunshots this Monday according to the authorities of Essex County, in New Jersey.

Duncan, a student at East Orange Campus High School, He was shot near his home of studies and although they tried to help him in an emergency at a nearby hospital, he ended up dying. consequence of injuries.

At the moment the authorities have not made any arrests for the event that occurred at 3:15 PM on Monday, however They assure that they are in search of “a group of people and a vehicle seen in the area at the time of the shooting”.

The same police force commented that the fact “has shaken the community” and they said that as a result of the death, patrolling will be increased in the area to prevent new situations of this type from occurring.

On social media, many mourned the passing of young Duncan, including a post from his college team, Garden State Bounce.

“A floor general, team captain, and the best point guard our show has ever seen. He was an excellent teammate, a great friend and a coach’s dream player.“Commented the group on social networks describing the point guard.

For now, relatives and friends have created a GoFundMe to help Duncan’s family deal with the loss and cover funeral expenses.

The police made available the number 1-877-847-7432 for anyone with information on the case and who can help find the culprits.

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