The program of Resistance (Movistar+) received a very special visitor: Lele Pons and Guyna. After touring other sets and media in Spain to promote their new joint work capitulations. But, as you’d expect from one of the more hooligan shows, there was little talk of work and a lot of other topics, like his famous marriage or the “classic questions” of sex and money.

The promised thing as soon as it started. Guaynaa made a triumphant entry from the program’s zipline and recently released wife Lele Pons did not go unnoticed with her taunt of David Broncano. The singer took the stage with “her bridal bouquet” and handed it to the presenter: “This for Silvia, it comes from my marriage”. She commented in reference to actress Silvia Alonso, the current partner of the Spaniard.

In front of the cheers of the public and the flushed face of the presenter. “He’s the next to get married”added Guaynaa explaining the tradition. Broncano, for his part, faked a horrified face: “You practically forced me to get married.”

But that wasn’t the only “earth, swallow me” moment for Broncano. He, used to embarrassing his guests, it was he who had to deal with the jokes of Lele Pons and Guaynaa. An example of this is when they gave him a bachelor party headband and a belt it’s up to me to put it

Sex and money in peaches

But soon came the time to talk about the importance of the program: how much money do they have at the bank and how much sex have had in the past month.

Given this, each responded in their own way. “I have enough to be happy”she replied. Regarding “the legacy”, it was Guaynaa who spoke: “I think she should have… like two or three peaches (millions)”.

She, for her part, said Guaynaa had something else in the bank: “Four.” Which the artist seemed to totally reject, who insisted, “No, I would have traveled here privately.”

“Hucha” and “chichi”: the Spanish class of Resistance

Another of the funniest moments of the singers’ visit was when the guests, from Puerto Rico (he) and Venezuela (her) they began to exchange terms of each country with Broncano. Of the words chosen from the dictionary of our country, the presenter chose “chichi” and “piggy bank”.

Broncano explained the meaning of each of them in Spanish, which surprised the artists, since, as Guaynaa himself pointed out, in his country, “chichi” refers to women’s breasts. Grison also contributed by adding that in Spain it has to do with “the hoof”.

There is a very beautiful expression in Spain i.e. when your pants go down and you’ve crouched down and if you go down and the crack is a little… It’s ‘you can see the piggy bank’,” the presenter explained.

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