Leiji Matsumoto, creator of Captain Harlock, dies aged 85

Leiji Matsumoto, creator of Captain Harlock, dies aged 85

Matsumoto-sensei leaves behind a legacy of sci-fi work that even includes supervising Daft Punk’s iconic space music videos.

I’ve always liked the idea that people don’t die for good until there’s absolutely no one left to remember them, and I think along the lines of mangakas like Leiji Matsumoto we are in front of figures who will never be forgotten because of the mark they left through their artistic creations. Indeed, the author of legendary works such as “Captain Harlock” or “Galaxy Express 999” Ha died aged 85and now more than ever it’s time to celebrate all that he left us back then.

Leiji Matsumoto (Captain Harlock) is already a legend in the manga and anime industry

To provide more context to Matsumoto-sensei’s situation and legacy, please note the following (via ANN):

  • As we know, Leiji Matsumoto died on February 13 at 11:00 a.m..
  • At age 85, the cause of death is specified as a heart failure. The author’s family has already duly dismissed him.
  • Among the list of most famous works of Leiji Matsumoto are the following names:
    • Captain Harlock
    • galaxy express 999
    • Emerald Queen
    • Drawings and one of Space Battle Ship Yamato manga
  • One of the most curious points in Leiji Matsumoto’s career is that of supervisor of Daft Punk’s animation music videos for the Discovery album, from where all this would have been born the film INTERSTELLA 555. If there is someone who has not yet listened to the songs (although he has nothing to do with it here) or seen the video clips, I don’t think there’s a better time for that than now.
Leiji Matsumoto, the legendary figure behind Captain Harlock

I find it absolutely incredible to think that Leiji Matsumoto, real name Akira, debuted in 1953 with a play called “Michibachi no Boken” while still in high school. This is a “fact” that I was completely unaware of (thanks again, ANN) and it certainly makes Matsumoto-sensei’s figure in the manga industry even more iconic, with literally 7 decades of work behind him. Even though I was very young, what I remember from “Captain Harlock” has always fascinated me, and of course personally I will not be able to forget it for the simple fact of having listened to “Daft Punk”.

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