Laura Scanes was one of the last guests at TV daysthe show that Julia Otero hosts on Wednesday evenings on TVE’s La 1 and as this Catalan influencer usually does, she hasn’t bitten her tongue when it comes to address the issues that the presenter and her collaborators have raisednor the one that has aroused the interest of the press and its followers for years: money.

Julia Otero asked Escanes how much she could earn from posting an Instagram post, a question that digital content creators and influencers generally prefer not to answer and which Laura decided to answer.

The influencer, who has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, almost a million on Tik Tok and just over 149,000 on her Twitch channel, assured that it depends on many factors such as the number of followers and the ‘commitment. But in your casea sponsored post on your Instagram profile can cost a brand around $5,000.

“Most are without a sponsor. It’s yours who tell your life story. It’s you, let’s say, who feed a network so that the brands bite you and come to hire you”, underlined Escanes to point out that only one of the rare photographs and videos that he uploads They bring sponsorship to their social networks.

Another thing Laura explained is stories. This typical Instagram content only lasts 24 hours in a content creator’s feed, which makes it “more dynamic” and allows for more referrals. “They’re not permanently on your profile, so it’s reduced. It’s not 5,000 euros because it won’t last there permanently,” the influencer said of the value of a sponsored story.

Laura Escanes and her relationship with Risto Mejide

Another of the uncomfortable topics that Laura did not hesitate to address was the fact that her relationship with television presenter Risto Mejide, whom she divorced in September 2022, partly fostered a career on social networks at the one on which she had been working for years. .

“For me, the change was very sudden. I had social networks, I had 20,000 followers, which seem little compared to the ones I have now, but at that time I was fine. And overnight, when it all came together, I doubled them. I had a lot of comments on all the photos, a lot of criticism… And that, without a doubt, for me, was the change of being able to get along, so that suddenly nothing more came, nor change my life. “, detailed the Catalan before the discussion table.

In addition, Laura assured that, although the press came to her suddenly, she adapted quickly to the new situation and knew how to manage it to adapt without losing what she considers to be the essential in his life: the closeness of his loved ones. “I try to ride the waves that are coming,” he said.

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