Laporta shoots a giant ad again, this time in Las Vegas

Laporta giant ad in Las Vegas

John Laporta returns to be the protagonist for an advertising act. The president of Bara, who has already given a great effect with his banner in Madrid with the slogan “Looking forward to seeing you again”, has been at the center of a similar announcement, this time in Las Vegas.

The door was the protagonist of an announcement in the hotel of concentration of the equipment in Las Vegasthe Palmsin which he was accompanied by the phrase “Don’t worry, meringues, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

The last part of the sentence, which alludes to “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, is a kind of unofficial catchphrase for the city. What began as a phrase to promote tourism in the Casino City, ended up taking root in American popular culture. It is common to hear the phrase in movies since it was first used 20 years ago.

The ad in question is displayed on one of the giant screens around the resort and casino where the Bara is staying in Las Vegas these days, until the Classic. As for the origin of the campaign, from the club they explain that it is an “external action” to the entity, but that it has subsequently been validated.

In this same line, Sports world publishes that the man behind the campaign is Lus Carrascowhich at the time was responsible for the canvas in Madrid during the pre-election campaign to preside over Barcelona.

Carrasco, Laporta’s campaign manager in those elections, has been invited by Bara to attend the Classic, according to the Catalan newspaper.

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