Lady Gaga has returned to the limelight, but this time for a very different reason than her music. For this, we have to go back to two years ago when the artist He was facing one of the worst times of his life., after losing her two dogs, Gustav and Koji, who were kidnapped at gunpoint by their master from a Los Angeles street. At hours, the interpreter of Bad Romance published a message on his social networks in which he offered a reward of up to $500,000 who their pets could be returned to and without asking “any kind of question”. Something that was resolved a few days later because the singer ended up seeing them again.

However, what seemed like a story with a happy ending ended up becoming a real nightmare for the singer. And it is that Jennifer McBridethe person responsible for returning the dogs, ended up being accused of trespassing on private property and being an accomplice to their theft, having a relationship with the father of one of the men responsible for the assault.

Now, as published by TMZ, McBrinde has sued the singer and claimed the $500,000 that the artist herself offered in compensation and that she never received. But the story does not end there, since the plaintiff also land demanded more moneyup to a million dollars, at the “offer a fake reward”.

The aforementioned header provided more information on this story, two years after the events. According to TMZ, Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer said several men berated him by shooting him and stealing his pets as he was crossing one of the streets in Los Angeles on February 24, 2021. With the help of neighbors and doctors, he managed to survive. . Although months later he shared on his Instagram profile that one of the bullets to his chest ended up causing a lung collapse.

Also according to the words of the medium, the police named Jame Howards Jackson as the person responsible for shooting Fischer, although he never confessed to the facts, and fHe was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Even if Associated press He went so far as to ensure that this individual ended up accepting an agreement in which he pleaded guilty to the facts, but rejected the assassination attempt.

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