Lady Gaga always knows what to do, and as he said in his documentary Gaga: five foot two: Her career has been based on always doing the opposite of what was expected of her. And how could it be otherwise, Her time at the 2023 Oscars was exactly like that.

First, she said she wasn’t going, being the only artist nominated in the Best Original Song category who wouldn’t be at the gala; and yet, that wouldn’t work It was something that surprised everyone, because his involvement in film has always been the most obvious – in fact, his time Chromatics was touched by the filming of The Gucci House—, especially after being nominated and awarded by the Academy on other occasions.

A few hours before the party, he confirmed his presence and his performance, hinting that the agreed performance was up to what he expected — the producer Glenn Weiss He confirmed he wouldn’t go because he couldn’t have a performance “of the caliber we’re used to from her” -. And it did, leaving audiences more than happy to have listened. hold my hand live. A few minutes later, finally the mystery of the price was clarified:

Some have said that Gaga’s presence was due to the extreme confidence that she would be the one to win the prize, although his reaction to the price seems to indicate otherwise. Upon hearing the name of the winner, she is the only nominee to celebrate it as her own triumph. No doubt another admirer who fell in love with the phenomenon of RRR.

In a year that seemed like Gaga’s second triumph or Rihanna’s first, the song Naatu Naatu it was done with the award most desired by artists of the night. Its success is indisputable: It was a phenomenon something that other previous winners love the Let if go of Frozen or the Heavy rain of james bond.

Actually, this victory breaks the pop streak that had been observed in recent years. The 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 galas won it Billie Eilish, SHE, Elton John there Lady Gaga respectively; added to a list of names of artists who in recent decades have also won the award.

maybe the mother monster He’s short of his long-awaited second Oscar, but he’s no doubt already working on the next one. Another reason why Gaga hardly attended the ceremony was the filming of Joker: Madness for Two, where she’ll play the darkest film version of Harley Quinn yet. What if with the first part Joaquin Phoenix won the award a good performance could secure her first Oscar as an actress.

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