The third season of Drag Race Spain He landed. This Sunday, April 16, the program presented by Supreme Deluxe premiered the first episode. And with a surprise! For the first time in the history of the Spanish version, we could see a competitor rehearse. It’s nothing more and nothing less than The Macarena.

The Canarian drag has once again been given a new opportunity after being one of the first contestants to be kicked out of the format’s first season. Now, two years later, she’s ready to claim the Queen’s crown.

But La Macarena didn’t take to social media this Monday, April 17, to tell their followers about the format. The Cadiz woman did so to explain that she is making the transition to living like the woman she has been for months.

“Hi guys. Yesterday I recorded this video and decided to upload it because the first big step I had to take to start the transition was trying to put the dysphoria aside and… ‘stop thinking about everything,’ he wrote alongside the video. “I hope we can have a constructive conversation and I hope you see me for who I am.”

In the video, recorded from his home and in a very natural way, La Macarena begins to speak: “I think a lot of people already assume, but in this moment in which we live, in general, it is important to do so.”

“I’ve been in transition since I came back from filming Drag Race. I’m very scared to say it because I think there will be repercussions, but for that same reason I think I have to” , he continues, explaining.

The young woman continues to explain that she is happy: “It’s being difficult, but it’s also being very beautiful. In a very cool way, I’m happier than ever and I’m more me. I I feel like I’m not scared anymore.”

La Macarena explained that she wanted to give “light to her process” and comment on how she experiences everything. “It’s my reality right now and I’m very happy”end by saying.

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