Kore Egaite Shine is the new best manga of the moment, according to the 16th Manga Taisho Awards

Kore Egaite Shine is the new best manga of the moment, according to the 16th Manga Taisho Awards

This unknown work surprised many manga fans, and they will surely give it a chance now.

The bone Manga Taisho Awards have become perfect manga prizes to discover new works likely to become references. It’s so works like “Beastars“, “Blue period“oh”Golden Kamuy” have already been winners of this competition. For this year, during the 16th edition, there were already very famous nominees such as “Akane Banashi” or “Goodbye Eri”, but to the amazement and surprise of many, “Kore Egaite Shine” was the winning manga.

Neither Akane Banashi nor Goodbye Eri; Kore Egaite Shine se corona en los 16º Manga Taisho Awards

How did the victory of this new manga happen and what should we know about it? So I leave you with All you need to know (via WSJ_Manga):

  • To begin, it must be said that Kore Egaite Shine won at this awards gala with some votes that gave him up to 102 points. To put this into perspective: Only once in the history of the Manga Taisho Awards has a manga exceeded 100 points, and that was the case of Chihayafuru (also 102 points).. This, in turn, leaves Akane Banashi, with exactly 100 points, as the third manga to reach that barrier…but the first not to win Best New Manga.
  • But what is Kore Egaite Shine about? Basically, the story of this manga is to create a manga. The protagonist is a manga lover who one day decides to start creating manga on her own. Thus, the story follows all the emotions and phases that a mangaka has to face in his daily life.
  • On the other hand, it must be said that there is not much material Kore Egaite Shine at this stage (in the end it is a new manga). It was on November 12, 2021 when its publication began, and since then it has had a few rounds behind it..
  • Finally I would add that the author of Kore Egaite Shine is Minoru Toyoda, an author who has been active for many years but has not been as successful to date as Kore Egaite Shine seems to be.

I must say that I saw people upset that “Akane Banashi” didn’t win this edition of the Manga Taisho Awards, but if in the end a manga like “Kore Egaite Shine” receives so many points of course it should not be by chance or personal favoritism. Manga may be an absolute unknown today, but if these awards showed anything, it’s that in most cases, they end up finding diamonds in the rough.

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