The anime of “The Knights of the Zodiac“It’s one of the most famous in history, and it’s that in the end it’s not for nothing that we’re going to see how it opens this year a live version that many are already pointing to as a potential failure. But, what if I told you that as terrible as live-action can be, an anime series was about to be born that could have been even worse? In fact, what am I talking about? was unearthed as “Guardians of the Cosmos”.

The Saint Seiya anime was about to receive an American version that would not have left anyone indifferent

Before I comment anything else on what it is and where it came from, I’ll leave you with the full pilot chapter from this American version of “Knights of the Zodiac”:

And now that you have been able to see the video of ‘Guardians of the Cosmos‘, I leave you with the following considerations about all this:

  • Been Father Monaa youtuber specializing in rescue old audiovisual documents, who received official permission to dig up this “Guardians of the Cosmos” and post it on Youtube.
  • If in doubt, Guardians of the Cosmos is exactly what it sounds like: an American version of Knights of the Zodiac that saw itself created and discontinued in the 1990s. But that’s not all, because apparently he was also close to creating a live-action variant that would have been given the name StarStorm. Again, something that never happened.
  • As can be seen, Guardians of the Cosmos is committed to faithfully mirroring many aspects of the original Saint Seiya, although ultimately some changes as well as a marked western design made it unconvincing, let alone like the original anime.

What I’m really wondering is If this “Guardians of the Cosmos” had seen the light of day, it would have been really worse than the “Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac” broadcast for a few years now.. Obviously, “Guardians of the Cosmos” seemed to put you off, but at the same time, the pilot chapter made it clear that there was an intention to really shape “something.” In any case, it remains as a curious chapter of animation for the story.

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