Netflix loves teen romance dramas, and who doesn’t? One of his most successful productions in this genre is the saga of To all the boys I fell in love with. The love story between Lara Jean and Peter was a rather adolescent phenomenon. This is why the platform could not completely close this cinematic universe with To All The Boys: Foreverthe third and final part of the saga.

In October 2021, we already learned that the trilogy would have a spin-off in the form of a series featuring one of the most important characters in history. And that’s it, without her, the love story between the characters played by Lana Condor and Noah Centineo would never have happened.

The time has finally come and we know that Kisses, Kitty; the spin-off of To all the boys I fell in love withwill arrive on Netflix next Thursday, May 18.

Anna Cathcart in “Kisses, Kitty” / netflix

At the other end of the world for love

Anna Catcart she returns to the place of Kitty Song Covey to play in this new series. The young woman we met as Lara Jean’s little sister is more than used to playing matchmaker. For this reason, at 19, she thinks she’s an expert in love. However, everything changes when Kitty travels to Seoul, halfway around the world, to see her boyfriend and realizes that relationships aren’t easy at all. Especially when your own heart is affected.

As a good young woman of Generation Z, Kitty knows how to make the most of new technologies. What could be better than a presentation with your slides to tell your parents that you are going to study in South Korea to get closer to your boyfriend?

Life is full of coincidences or “fates” as Kitty puts it. One day, while rummaging through her late mother’s belongings, she realized that she was attending the same boarding school as her boyfriend, Dae. The young woman does not hesitate for a second and applies for the same scholarship that led her mother to study in Seoul in order to be closer to Dae. Kitty is accepted at school but, What happens once you arrive in South Korea? You’ll have to watch the series to find out.

Everything on Kisses, Kitty

The series is a romantic comedy for young people and consists of ten half-hour episodes. The leading couple on this occasion is embodied by Anna Cathcart, in the role of Kitty Song Covey; and Minyeong Choi, as Dae.

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First images of ‘Kisses, Kitty’ / netflix

These are the names that complete the distribution of Kisses, Kitty:

  • Gia Kim (Yuri)
  • Sang Heon Lee (Min Ho)
  • Anthony Keyvan (Q)
  • Peter ThurnwaldAlex
  • Yunjin Kim (Jina)
  • Sarayu Blue (Trina)
  • John CorbettDan Covey
  • Michael K. Lee (Professor Lee)
  • Jocelyne ShelfoMadison
  • Regan Aliyah (Juliana)

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