Kings League Round 11: Jijantes FC vs Los Troncos FC summary and result of the last day

Kings League Round 11: Jijantes FC vs Los Troncos FC summary and result of the last day

The Trunks ended the season by doing well in front of a Jijantes who did not come out of it

Jijantes has already won his first victory by convincing many against the Saiyans the last day of the league of kings. The problem is that they are already out of the playoffs for a long time. But this game still means a lot, because close the league giving a good face This can mean that a player stays with the club or is sold by its president to other clubs.

The trunks do not have much difficulty, this game can only screw up their lives if they lose by a landslide victory and several teams with five wins win by a landslide victory. A difficult situation that will not occur in the league of kings.

player 12

Ibai Gómez ends the season with Jijantes showing an enviable commitment.
While Los Troncos FC continued to rely on Joan Verdú, who appeared in almost all of the club’s matches.

secret weapon

in this game no club used the secret weaponsit could have been due to the fear of card draws and jokers or they just didn’t want to use them as the game was decided almost from the start.

Summary of Jijantes FC vs Los Troncos FC

Jijantes FC 1 – 5 Los Troncos FC

The Trunks came out on top finishing the first game with a 2-0 without being able to extend his advantage in the 6vs6 of the “datum” of the league. But in the next game they managed to score three more goals provisionally at the top of the ranking. Ibai Gómez closed the scoring with the goal of honor.

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